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All custom-fit In-Ear Monitors designed by Spiral Ear are hand-crafted  and utilise soft, medical-grade silicone. The material easily adjusts to your ear anatomy because of its flexibility and nature, providing the highest levels of consistent seal possible, i.e. isolation from ambient noise.

Apart from that, silicone adapts to alterations of your ear canal more easily and comfortably than any typical, hard material, reducing changes caused by natural muscle movements of the entire jaw. Thus, silicone gets you your ultimate fit!

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SE6 Edge Custom IEM’s

New Spiral Ear flagship. We were able to achieve ~30% more low note output than on SE6, resulting in a class-leading and improved dynamic range, substantially more visceral and deeper sub-bass and tighter bass response with an enhanced impact as well as a perceived rumble, while respectively retaining similar energy balance and(...)


SE6 Custom IEM’s

6 independent Balanced Armature transducers in our unique 6-way configuration with 6 individual acoustic sound outputs. Monitors feature a lot faster transient response. Much greater and more pronounced higher note presence and energy; layered and textured harmonics of treble/upper treble notes with decay, overtones and post-image reflections even at extremely high(...)


SE 5-way Ultimate Custom IEM’s

Penta-bore acoustic configuration is taken to extremes with 5-way Ultimate resolution, coherency and refinement. The monitors showcase improved extension in every extreme when compared to 5-way Reference: starting from deepest low end to the highest treble notes. Improved micro-detail retrieving capabilities as well as room reverb and overall resolution is(...)

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