About us

Spiral Ear specializes in manufacturing soft shell custom In-Ear Monitors. We’ve also ventured into universal IEM’s market and all our custom counterparts are available in universal fit as well.

All custom-fit In-Ear Monitors designed by Spiral Ear are hand-crafted  and utilise soft, medical-grade silicone. The material easily adjusts to your ear anatomy because of its flexibility and nature, providing the highest levels of consistent seal possible, i.e. isolation from ambient noise.

Apart from that, silicone adapts to alterations of your ear canal more easily and comfortably than any typical, hard material, reducing changes caused by natural muscle movements of the entire jaw. Thus, silicone gets you your ultimate fit!

Silicone monitors provide the greatest isolation from ambient noise out of any custom made IEM’s. Noise reduction in Spiral Ear custom monitors is not model dependent and all our monitors will equally reduce ambient sound. On average, noise isolation that our monitors provide approximates -37dB, however, this factor is dependent on individual ear anatomy and whether it is possible to accommodate longer ear canals in relation to particular ear anatomy.

These are crucial elements contributing to the overall sound quality, realism and comfort that substantially step up the game when compared to any hard-shell acrylic customs which are most common in the market today. Greater isolation achieved by hand-crafted silicone allows as well to listen to the music at substantially lower volumes of sound pressure level (SPL). This provides longer safe exposure times and protects your own hearing, which is all that matters in the end.

Take advantage of our experience and expertise in designing custom IEM’s since 2010 and further.

Re-discover your music the way you have never heard before!

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