SE6 Edge Custom IEM’s

11999 PLN (0% VAT; export outside EU)

14758,77 PLN (incl. 23% VAT; export within EU)

Pre-orders start now:

10999 PLN (0% VAT; export outside EU)

13528,77 PLN (incl. 23% VAT; export within EU)

Limited discounted price for the first 25 orders or till February 28th 2021, whichever comes first (~ 10% off).

Expected shipping: possible already.


* Price of the product does not include shipping costs.

* We are not responsible for import taxes and duties that might be imposed by customs office in your country.

  • New Spiral Ear flagship.
  • We were able to achieve ~30% more low note output than on SE6, resulting in a class-leading and improved dynamic range, substantially more visceral and deeper sub-bass and tighter bass response with an enhanced impact as well as a perceived rumble, while respectively retaining similar energy balance and harmony between bass and midrange-to-treble transition, that SE6 are known for already.
  • As a result, SPL and SIL levels of SE6 EDGE are higher than on SE6 and treble and highest treble diffusion efficiency, as perceived by human ear, extends noticeably further (~25% in comparison with SE6).
  • Midrange section has been unleashed and, though it’s quite unbelievable to admit, there are nuances in harmonics, air reflections and post-image reflections between notes, especially from lower to upper midrange, which were previously either not as distinct, not that laser clear or even details and overtones previously not audible at all; and that’s with a direct AB comparison with our former flagship, SE6- at that level of fidelity and accuracy.
  • SE6 EDGE unparalleled resolution makes it capable of dissecting previously hidden layers and details below background layers of music, allowing to deep dive underneath it like never before, as if with a transparency tool.
  • SE6 EDGE are the most powerful, the most addictive and by the same time the most balanced monitors we have ever created, with improved soundstage characteristics, separation and imaging.
  • There is a more noticeable difference in resolution, dynamics, tonal transparency and efficiency in high resolution recordings than on SE6, while retaining similar drivability characteristics. SE6 EDGE redefine the meaning of transparency to source.
  • Performance-wise SE6 EDGE are dialed up to new extremes, with a substantial improvement over already ultra high quality standards set by SE6, an apparent leap forward and “further down the spiral”.
  • SE6 EDGE utilise the most harmonic and balanced acoustic absorption coefficient ratio solutions (NRC) in relation to energy outputs out of the entire SE line.
  • SE6 EDGE feature six independent BA drivers, an enhanced separated hexa-bore acoustic design solution with improved efficiency and our new and unique crossover implementation following ‘golden ratio’ principle.
  • User caution advised- sound pressure levels and combined acoustic piston radiation efficiency have been profoundly increased and unleashed, upping the ante with SE6 EDGE!


Universal Demo Versions:

We were able to accomplish the impossible and SE6 EDGE are finally available in generic demo versions.

A limited number of 3D-printed demo versions of SE6 EDGE will be available for testing and will be distributed to different parts of the world.

These are a hybrid between universal and custom IEM’s and, apart from the universal printed shell, these IEM’s are entirely hand-crafted and custom tuned as well.


Upgrade Program:

Although it will limit our resources and may inevitably extend regular lead times, we wanted to offer the opportunity of rewarding our customers, who could trust us previously, and there is a limited possibility for original purchasers only of upgrading their SE6 to SE6 EDGE at the following MSRP:

– 5099 PLN + shipping – (0% VAT; export outside EU)

– 6271,77 PLN + shipping – (incl. 23% VAT; export within EU)

This service is available only to those customers whose SE6 are still under warranty and who had purchased SE6 till SE6 EDGE launch time, only to those customers who had purchased SE6 directly from us and it is available till February 28th 2021.

Remoulding service covers our standard warranty conditions and renews warranty for 1 year extra, which means you might receive our brand new SE6 EDGE for not much more than standard SE6 remoulding costs:

If interested, it is obligatory to contact us beforehand for detailed shipping instructions, please.

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