SE6 Custom IEM’s

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  • SE’s new flagship model.
  • 6 independent Balanced Armature transducers in our unique 6-way configuration with 6 individual acoustic sound outputs.
  • Monitors feature a lot faster transient response.
  • Much greater and more pronounced higher note presence and energy; layered and textured harmonics of treble/upper treble notes with decay, overtones and post-image reflections even at extremely high registers, with a lot more air, micro-details, bite and crispness along the way.
  • Even more resolving midrange and better still detail retrieval, coherency and transparency.
  • Even deeper reaching, visceral and dynamic sub-bass rumble and bass/mid bass response with faster ADSR ratio, if encoded within the signal.
  • Opened up, cleaner, multidirectional and holographic soundstage with even better organisation and finesse.
  • Greater extension and higher SPL levels along the entire frequency spectrum with more harmonic energy throughout.
  • Even more resolution than 5-way Ultimate as well as coherency, transparency, imaging precision and extreme effortlessness throughout entire presentation.
  • Greater note separation, openness, clarity and airiness and greater still holistic sense of musicality without a hint of congestion throughout the entire sound spectrum.
  • Even more natural and realistic instrument reproduction, tonal accuracy and balance as well as timbre and note layering.
  • A shifting, iridescent fabric of sound and chameleon-like sound signature on a completely different level.
  • Whether focused on sonority, texture and timbre creating a sound mass/tone shower via pulsating rhythmic unisons or individual and separated note clusters, SE6 perform exceedingly well when faced with both extremes via an ultra balanced ADSR ratio, transient response efficiency as well as melodic and harmonic discharge/repellent capabilities within PRaT, which in turn translates into extreme coherency within the full range of music reproduction.
  • Even more transparent to the source.
  • Monitors are similar in ear size compatibility to our 5-way configurations (i.e. for customers who already own SE 5-way models, SE6 should also be compatible).
  • Sound dumper-less design.
  • As all our monitors, SE6 are compatible with industry-standard 0.78mm pin diameter and 3.43mm pin length cables only (2-pin/3,5 mm TRS) and our standard recessed sockets solution.
  • Suggested use with the provided Hi-Res cable (some aftermarket highest-end ‘upgrade’ cables will actually drastically downgrade the transparency, dynamics and resolution of SE6 as well as overall performance via filtering, altered impedance or other artefacts).
  • You will rediscover your music even having heard 5-way Ultimate!
  • Envelope pushed and the bar has been raised as the best got even better!
  • These are immensely addictive: you’ve been warned!

Items included

  • In-Ear Monitors
  • Cleaning tool
  • Instruction manual
  • Peli 1010 case

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