SE 5-way Ultimate Custom IEM’s

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Penta-bore acoustic configuration is taken to extremes with 5-way Ultimate resolution, coherency and refinement.

The monitors showcase improved extension in every extreme when compared to 5-way Reference: starting from deepest low end to the highest treble notes. Improved micro-detail retrieving capabilities as well as room reverb and overall resolution is combined with superiorly faster transient response, better attack/decay of notes and refined overall technical performance. Added resolution and improved instrument separation allows for recreating finer details within notes as well as for even more natural and real soundstage and ambience reproduction. 5-way Ultimate’s large and spacious, three-dimensional soundstage is intertwined with an accurate and precise instrument placement.
A natural tone and timbre recreation with an organic tuning is fused with enhanced frequency response characteristics and more apparent track-dependency and tone shifting abilities.

Low notes are exceptionally powerful, highly resolved and reaching deeper, while at the same time being more balanced and controlled. Dynamic power and punch is combined with a natural speed and attack/decay of notes, allowing at the same time for low notes to be better pinpointed and outputting more details.
High quality low-end extension is powered up by tactile, visceral and dynamic sub-bass punch and rumble.

Midrange section is super extended, clear, transparent, smooth with a hint of warmth and with excessive amount of resolution and micro-details.
It’s exceedingly natural and balanced.

Treble is natural and exceptionally extended, precise and accurate, but subtle and not overdone at the same time, possessing remarkable transient response characteristics as well as linearity.

An organic approach to music rendering, naturalness and engagement is matched with technical prowess and resolution on another level with 5-way Ultimate!

Items included

  • In-Ear Monitors
  • Cleaning tool
  • Instruction manual
  • Peli 1010 case

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