SE 5-way Reference Custom IEM’s

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First ever, 5-way design in medical grade silicone, incorporating five, entirely independent, Hi-Fidelity Balanced Armature transducers dedicated for clear and detailed highs, rich, lush and organic mids as well as powerful, deep and organic, yet very controlled low end.

5-way Reference have a very analogue and organic vibe with smoothness, addictive warmth, richness and liquidity being one of its key ingredients.
When combined with their very extended resolution, clarity and multi-dimensional soundstage retrieval as well as natural tone recreation and track-dependent attack/decay capabilities, the monitors can be described as extra musical and laid back, but also balanced and analytical at the same time, with various degrees of transparency.

Midrange section is vastly extended, life-like and coherent. Especially when combined with low note output, it is capable of bringing upfront very distinctive and almost palpable dynamics and analogue feel to sound retrieval and presentation. This in turn allows for an increased realism and a great sense of immersion within music.
Bass notes can be punchy, powerful and tactile, with enough rumble, but also controlled and balanced, depending on track characteristics.
Treble is clear and relatively airy, smooth with the rest of the spectrum, extended and having neutral sounding decay capabilities.

Drivers for high, middle and low tones are connected through a custom, unique and first ever in the world, passive 5-way crossover system design.
The world’s first penta-bore acoustic configuration in silicone!

Items included

  • In-Ear Monitors
  • Cleaning tool
  • Instruction manual
  • Peli 1010 case

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