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Following the footsteps of the previous iteration of SE 4-way, the world’s first quad-bore acoustic configuration in silicone, we have taken an entirely fresh look at the design of SE 4-way Ultimate.

Its flat and analytical nature is intertwined with natural and organic approach to sound reproduction, making the monitors detailed, tonally refined, accurate and exquisitely balanced, while also preserving a very natural signature blend of smoothness in timbre throughout the entire sound spectrum.

Individual instruments on the low end are infused with balanced and controlled weight, while at the same time not overshadowing upper registers in any shape of form. Spacious, exceedingly natural, solid and unfurled midrange section is combined with an airy, open, crisp and extended treble while retaining midrange-to-treble transition astoundingly coherent.

SE 4-way Ultimate’s performance, resolution, fidelity and detail rendering may to a large degree approach the levels of SE 5-way Ultimate. Especially in terms of its extended soundstage, linear frequency response characteristics as well as top of the line imaging capabilities presented with remarkable balance and control.

SE 4-way Ultimate’s uncoloured and accurate signal rendering is well matched with their overall musicality and coherency.

Items included

  • In-Ear Monitors
  • Cleaning tool
  • Instruction manual
  • Peli 1010 case