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The sound signature of SE 3-way Ultimate, similarly to most monitors from SE line, is a hallmark of rendering music with realism and natural performance combined with an abundant amount of balance throughout entire sound spectrum.

Dynamic power and raw, analogue bass response is combined with smooth, natural and organic midrange full of top-of-the-line extension and clarity.

Bass is more pinpointed and exact than on SE 3-way Reference and hits tighter when called for. It’s also more seamlessly intertwined with lower midrange making the overall presentation more lively and engaging.

Treble is non-fatiguing during longer listening sessions, but at the same time has more clarity, extends further and is also in better overall harmony with higher midrange section.

In terms of resolution and technical abilities the triple-bore 3-way Ultimate will resemble in many aspects our SE 5-way Reference monitors.

SE 3-way Ultimate are richly nuanced, musical, versatile and more refined overall than our previous 3-way offerings. Their resolution and technical prowess, along with SE 4-way Ultimate, may outperform many flagships out there.

Items included

  • In-Ear Monitors
  • Cleaning tool
  • Instruction manual
  • Peli 1010 case