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SE 1-way Pro Custom IEM's

SE 1-way Pro Custom IEM's

1-way Pro feature a single balanced armature driver, custom tuned for enhanced resonance capabilities designed in ITC technology. The focus of the sound signature is on producing a very clean and analytical sound (resembling Etymotic ER-4’s), with enhanced mids and sharp highs but also with a slight improvement in lower end spectrum, achieved through better isolation. Lightweight bass presentation compared to other SE monitors.

As standard, 1-way Pro come with a fixed, regular style cable. On request, can be manufactured with our standard fixed cable (for an added cost) or the supplied cable of your choice.

Items included:

  • In-Ear Monitors
  • cleaning tool
  • instruction manual
  • protective case.


  • Fixed cable (ITC)
    € 233 (incl. 23% VAT; export within EU)
    € 189 (0% VAT; export outside EU)
  • Detachable cable (full concha)
    € 277 (incl. 23% VAT; export within EU)
    € 225 (0% VAT; export outside EU)

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