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Spiral Ear custom products carry a warranty of 30 days on fit and 1 year against defects which were not caused by user’s misuse only.

Warranty does not cover:
cord damage or modification of any kind, wax or moisture in the earpiece/soundtubes and thus improper function of the transducers and other components, overall damage, any conceivable repair or modification to any part of the monitors carried out by anyone besides Spiral Ear technicians.

No refunds or returns under any conditions are acceptable as the monitors are fully customized to your ears only.

There is a 30 day remould/refit period, which is free of charge.

It is very important for the impressions to be taken by a professional audiologist only, in order to minimize the risk of poor fit at this stage of production and for your safety’s reasons.

Warranty is non-transferable, valid for one year for the original purchaser.

Ownership transfer does not include cost of replacing broken components, if necessary.

It is not possible to reshell/remould 5-way Ultimate via third-party companies. Our anti-reverse engineering solution makes it impossible to have the monitors reshelled by anyone else, any attempts at copyright infringement or other intellectual property rights misuse of our products will be prosecuted by law.

Please note that any attempts at reshelling SE monitors are so far incompetent, making them no longer Spiral Ear products! Any such modification voids warranty.

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