SE6 Update

Dear clients and supporters,

We’d like to thank you for your current interest in our newest flagship as well as the rest of our line-up and all the inquiries we have received so far.

We really think that SE6 is something else. Our flagship is the result of 10 years of research & development. As you have witnessed, we do not push out one new model after the other every 6 months and we really took our time with this one, as you might expect. In our view, the result will be more than a match for anything you might have heard (monitors or even some home systems).

The price that we had set initially was not our actual intended sales price but rather a blunt way to show people what we think SE6 is worth. We are now communicating the actual introductory sales price, and we are sorry if we might have ruffled a few feathers with this twist (well, not that sorry either).

Whether you feel that SE6 is worth it or not is your choice, and we will not try to convince you with fake technologies and magic marketing words. However, you know our track record and we are confident you will not be disappointed with our new flagship. We still have other models at a relatively more accessible price, and as some of you know, these models are by no means a compromise in sound quality.

This being said, we were tempted to keep this initial price as we also wanted to limit the number of orders. Indeed, all of our monitors, and SE6 even more so, entail a very complex manufacturing process and it is quite challenging for us to scale up to match even the demand at the initial price. Please, therefore, be prepared for longer lead times on all our monitors, which is currently approximately 5 working weeks and may increase to a few months in the near future. This is also the reason for us to terminate the ownership transfer service. We just don't have the resources to honor it.

As most of you may not realise each and every pair of Spiral Ear monitors has a piece of soul of their creator in them and it is all handcrafted only. Truly handcrafted. We do not use any CNC machines or any hardware capable of quick mass production, like for example it can often be the case with acrylic counterparts.

Machines and algorithms cannot substitute a human in precision manufacturing of our monitors and human touch is present in the entire process, from start to finish. That is also why we require traditional, physical ear impressions only and don’t accept STL files. Moreover, complex acoustic and other solutions that we utilise in making our silicone monitors have really exceeded any traditional silicone processing to an enormous extent (which was, admittedly, hard enough already when compared to a standard acrylic processing) in terms of workload and time consumption necessary to make a single pair of our monitors. A comparison to a samurai sword would be adequate here.

Price (subject to increase in the future) :

  • 11999 PLN (0% VAT; export outside EU)
  • 14758,77 PLN (incl. 23% VAT; export within EU)

Since we have received a lot of inquiries regarding universal versions of SE6, we’d like to share our thoughts on the matter as well.

It is not possible to recreate the sound characteristics of our monitors in a universal version. It has been physically impossible to make any of our 5-way configurations properly that way, so SE6 will face the same issue, obviously. They can ONLY be custom made.

There are acoustic environment differences, material and nozzle sizes involved in the process here, as well as plenty of other crucial facts, which need to be taken into consideration.

It is substantially different from a usual custom acrylic vs. universal acrylic or any other hard-shell body (whether hollowed or filled-in) with a bore diameter small enough to encase it in a universal or semi universal nozzle for it to work properly. It makes some sense then and can provide some resemblance and approximation of the actual sound output of that configuration.

A hard shell material (even filled with silicone inside, as we had actually started and invented this process back when we had our 2-way Pro and 3-way Reference demo versions made that way) will not provide the sound of actual and properly made silicone unibody custom monitors; at least the ones that we make.

It’s obviously not feasible to make a generic body out of flexible silicone with a ‘generic’ flexible silicone nozzle on it.  Not only would the nozzle have to be big enough and have the diameter of one’s thumb approximately; you’d need universal tips large enough with the ability to put these flexible tips on a flexible silicone nozzle, but also you’d have to somehow insert it into your ears.

If it was possible to make properly sounding universal versions of our monitors starting from our 5-way configurations (and the ones you could actually put into your ears) we’d gladly do it, but it is not. If such an opportunity arises in the future we’ll be happy to inform you, obviously.

In the meantime, SE6 reviews and comparisons should emerge in the near future and we’d like to thank you for your constant support.

Thank you,
Spiral Ear

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