Inserting / Removing

Colour coding:

(R) Right monitor- transparent monitors: red cabling
opaque monitors: red dot

(L) Left monitor- transparent monitors: blue/green cabling
opaque monitors: blue dot

Spiral Ear monitors are entirely made of soft, bio-grade silicone. In order to achieve the desired sound, you need to insert the monitors deep into your ear canal so as to get the required isolation for this type of monitors. If there is no isolation, the quality and amount of bass degrade substantially. Therefore it is crucial to use and insert the monitors the way they are supposed to be used.

At first, inserting your monitors may seem a bit difficult. With some time and practice, however, it can quickly become part your second nature.



Hold the earpiece with it’s canal part down and helix part up. The cables should run over and behind
your ears in order to eliminate microphonic effect additionally.


Place the canal part into your ear canal.


While placing the canal portion into your ear canal, rotate the earpiece clockwise or anticlockwise,
depending if it is left or right ear. You may use the opposite hand to pull on the helix part of your ear.


Insert the helix part of the earpiece so it is tucked in. If it is not placed properly, isolation and overall
sound quality (i.e. bass response and dynamics on the most part), will degrade.


Once properly inserted, you may gently push on the whole earpiece, making sure the canal portion
is as deep as it is supposed to be. While doing so, it may be helpful to pull on your earlobe using
opposite hand.


Gently adjust the “memory cable” around your ears.


When removing your monitors you must never pull on the cable! Instead, just reach behind the monitor and gently twist/”unscrew” it.

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