General Info

Spiral Ear specializes in hand-crafting In-Ear Monitors and it is with this belief and focus that has allowed us to perfect them for quite some time now. The sole lab experiments on refining the crafting method from top to bottom have been carried out and conducted for a couple of years now.

It is not only sound quality, which is by far the most important in the work we do and what we personally regard as salient, but also enhanced durability of the cable, the wiring, the crossover system, as well as experience in crafting even better and more comfortable earpieces.

Spiral Ear monitors are designed both for a demanding musician as well as hi-fidelity audio aficionados alike. The painstaking experiments we have been conducting for years now had only one goal in mind: to find the golden mean in reproducing audio signal in a way as neutral and flat-to-the-human-eardrum as possible. This results in very flat, realistic and perceivably linear sounding monitors and a very musical hi-end in-ear stereo system at the same time! The goal was not to concentrate on technical limitations which are inherent in most of the current portable players, but simply to create best sounding, flat, realistic and high-resolution IEM possible; to push the envelope even more, as subjective one’s sound perception might be. Therefore, the sound signature and sonic potential that the monitors provide will be in a fully-fledged mode once coupled with a high-end sound source and proper amplification. These, on a larger scale, are available mostly among stationary Pro or audiophile equipment.

Though definitely harder to work with than any hard-shell acrylic customs, the soft silicone material that we use provides unique, organic sonic signature and the ability to absorb any inner resonance radiating from transducers. This way, as a result, you get pure signal at the output, with no extra frequencies added to your music! And not only that; silicone is shock-absorbent, reducing the probability of physical damage to electronic components when exposed to physical shock.

Our monitors are compatible with detachable industry-standard 0.78mm pin diameter and 3.43mm pin length cables only (2-pin/3.5 mm TRS) and our standard recessed sockets solution.

Non-compatible shorter pins offered by some aftermarket companies are not industry standard and will damage the sockets in the long run, therefore they should not be used with our monitors and such use is not covered by our warranty.

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