IEM's Care & Maintenance

Every time after having removed an earpiece from your ear, it is advised to make sure that each soundtube is thoroughly cleaned from any visible debris, with the provided cleaning tool. You should never allow any foreign matter or moisture to get deeper into the soundtubes.

It is recommended to delicately clean the surface of your monitors with microfibre cloth and use hearing aid cosmetics, such as cleaning sprays.

One should always pay special attention to the place where the cable enters the monitors and never to exert excessive pressure on that point.

When inserting or removing monitors, it is only possible to use the actual earpiece and never to pull on the cable itself. Silicone part should not be exceedingly squeezed as well and one should handle the monitors with overall proper care.

After having cleaned the soundtubes and the surface of the earpieces, it is highly recommended to place the whole monitors in electronic moisture guard box. This way you can safely and effectively remove unwanted moisture from the monitors by applying gentle heat and keep them in an optimal performance and cosmetic condition.

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