Aftermarket Cable Compatibility

Our monitors are manufactured with clearly defined industry-standard specifications, as far as 2-pin IEM cable compatibility is concerned: 0.78mm pin diameter/3.43mm pin length. We use 2-pin/3,5 mm TRS and our standard recessed sockets solution.

Please take into account that some aftermarket cable manufacturers do not offer industry standard pin length and while the pin diameter is correct and industry standard, such cables are not compatible and should not be used with our monitors.

Therefore, if you decide to use an aftermarket cable of your choice with our monitors, please check with the manufacturer that they supply it with set industry standard specifications, i.e.: 0.78mm pin diameter/3.43mm pin length, but also with an appropriate, light plug housing (the smaller the better). Emerging recently, bulky, cylinder-shaped plug housings are especially not recommended due to the fact that they act as a long and heavy lever, which will logically hasten wear and tear of sockets in the long run, with much greater excess forces being exerted onto them.

Shorter pins offered by some aftermarket cable companies are not industry standard in terms of pin length and may damage the sockets, therefore they should not be used with our monitors, especially when combined with oversized plug housings, and such use is not covered by our warranty conditions.

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